St.Andrews Lodge No. 212   9/22/2017

St. Andrews Lodge No. 212
1104 Bayview Avenue
St Andrews, Florida




The 5th Masonic District will be manning the Child ID tables every day during the Bay County Fair this week, October 2-7. St. Andrews Lodge No. 212 has signed up to work this event on Saturday October 7th from 6:00PM until closing. All Brothers who have a current background check and are available are requested to support this effort. If you cannot be there Saturday night, but can go another night during the week, please do as all help is appreciated.

NOTICE!!! St. Andrews Lodge No. 212 and all other Lodges that were previously in the 6th Masonic District are now in the 5th Masonic District effective June 1, 2017. All Lodges in the old 5th Masonic District are now in the 4th Masonic District. Take due notice thereof, and govern yourselves accordingly.

Brethren, remember to sign up for Circumscribe, the new web based membership tool on the Grand Lodge of Florida website. This site allows you to pay your dues, edit your profile, and access your Masonic record online. Instructions for how to register for your Circumscribe account can be found here.


Stated Communications are 1st and 3rd Thursdays @ 7:00PM (Next One is October 5th). Brethren, the W∴M∴ requests your attendance, to support the Fraternity, Your Officers, Your Lodge, Your Brothers and Masonry in general.

The Lodge holds practices every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM to prepare for upcoming Degrees or to help you with other work. Please joins us, we will be glad to help you with any portion of the work and help to improve your proficiency.


If anyone has a request or a notification for other Lodges in the area, or a request to place it on our "TRESTLEBOARD" please click on the Envelope below and we will be glad to post it.

This Trestleboard is for the membership of St Andrews Lodge No. 212, and is maintained by W∴ Todd Bowden.